Stamped and Colored Concrete Ohio

7 Reasons To Get Stamped and Colored Concrete

  • Up-scale finish at affordable price
  • Vibrant visual appeal
  • Personalized inset medallions
  • Colorful accent border designs
  • Design flexibility
  • Dramatic impression
  • Complements architecture

Stamped and colored concrete is a home trend that is catching fire for good reason. Stamped concrete is also called decorative concrete, textured concrete, patterned concrete, concrete stamping and stamped decorative concrete. Stamped concrete utilizes different patterns and textures that are pressed into the concrete. This can be combined with colors that are added to the concrete and/or added to the surface of the concrete. When properly installed these patterns, textures and colors combine to look like brick, cobblestone, pavers, slate, tile and more.

Your new concrete can be customized using any number of patterns, textures and colors.

white spacerWhy Concrete Instead of Other Surfaces

Why duplicate the look of another surface by using decorative concrete instead of the real thing?

Brick, cobblestone, pavers, slate and tile allow for weed growth in between. Stamped and colored concrete is a continuous surface so there is no space in between to allow for weed growth. The “cracks” in stamped concrete do not go through the surface, they are simply impressions in the solid surface of the concrete.

All these surfaces are also subject to frost-heave and other changes in the underlying surface.

During the snowy winter they can make it harder to shovel and are more easily damaged by plowing.

Stamped concrete is installed just like standard concrete – with wire mesh or reinforcing rods to tie the pavement together and strengthen it.

Brick, cobblestone, pavers, slate and tile are all more expensive than concrete.

Stamping and Coloring Elevates Concrete To The Status Of A Design Element

Whether added to the entire surface of the concrete, or as an accent or border, decorative concrete can provide you with a stunning design element for your home. This can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your home.

Many people assume that concrete has to be plain, or that that adding decorative elements is too costly. But today’s concrete isn’t boring!

With the huge variety of design options your concrete can be an essential part of your landscaping design. The designs and colors available in stamped and colored concrete offer a variety that equals your imagination. Its popularity is increasing and it is quickly becoming the concrete of choice for most home owners.

For All Your Concrete Projects

Decorative concrete is suitable for a wide variety of projects. It can be used for:

  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Entertainment Areas
  • Pool Decks
  • Hot Tub Pads
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways

Choosing The Installer For Your Stamped and Colored Concrete

There are three keys to a long lasting decorative concrete construction project:

  • Quality Materials
  • Skilled Installers
  • Experienced Finishers

At ALBA Contractors, Inc. there are some things that we do differently or better than others. Knowing these can help you make a better decision:

No Short Cuts – Only the right and quoted materials will be used for your project. We will never substitute a lower grade, quality or size material for the right materials on your project.

white spacer

Available Options – You can choose from a wide variety of patterns, textures and colors for your stamped and colored concrete.

white spacer

A Job Done Right – Your new decorative concrete will look and perform great not only today but far into the future because ALBA’s skilled crew will properly perform each step of the process.

white spacer

Well-Maintained Fleet – Our trucks and equipment are clean and taken care of. This reduces delays in a project caused by breakdowns. Cleanup needed at your home is also kept to a minimum.

white spacer

No Subs – All work is performed by employees of ALBA and not subcontractors. This gives us strict and direct control over the work performed.

white spacer

Professional – Everyone at ALBA is trained to be professional and courteous. All crew members are well trained and participate in continuing education.

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Technologically Advanced – You will receive a professional, quality quote. We make use of technology to keep in touch with both clients and crews to make your project easier for you.

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Reputation – Through our 20 years in business we have a long standing reputation of being reliable and dependable as evidenced by our extensive list of highly satisfied customers.

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Support –You will not have any issues reaching us before, during or after your project is done. We stand behind our work from start to finish.

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Clean-Up – ALBA is the best contractor in town at cleaning up the project site. You’ll see the care in every project.

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No More Ruts – If our equipment has caused any ruts in your yard we’ll even fix up your lawn for you – for Free.

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Lawn Restoration – ALBA is the Only contractor who restores your lawn so you won’t have to do it or hire someone else to do the work. When your new concrete is installed it is necessary to cut back about 4” into your lawn in order to install concrete forms. This cutback is restored for you And it’s done for Free!

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from having a job done by a well run organization that stands behind their work.

Your project can be designed and installed just for you. Combining the strength and durability of concrete with the beautiful appearance of natural paving, stamped concrete may be the best investment you could make when installing a new patio, walkway, entertainment area, pool deck, hot tub pad, sidewalk or driveway.

Call ALBA today at 440-974-9085

  • Beautify your home
  • Give your home prestige
  • Many patterns to choose from
  • Custom color combinations
  • Cost effective
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Holds up to harsh weather
  • Easy maintenance
  • Attractive finished surface

Free estimates for your stamped and colored concrete project are just a phone call away so contact us today.


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