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Concrete Services OhioThe versatility of concrete makes it the the product of choice for a variety of home projects. It can be used on a variety of home projects from the functional to the exceptional.

– Driveways
– Walkways
– Patios
– Steps
– Garage Floors
– Basement Floors
– Foundations
– Curb and Gutter
– Pool Decks
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Stamped and Colored Concrete – Decorative Concrete

Stamped and Colored Concrete Step Services OhioStamped and colored concrete can beautify your home and make it distinctive.

– Patio
– Walkway
– Sidewalk
– Driveway
– Hot Tub Pad
– Pool Deck

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General Construction

General Construction Services OhioA full range of construction and remodeling services available for your home.

– Decks
– Porches
– Entertainment Areas
– Room Additions
– Home Remodeling
– Pool Decks

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Masonry and Fireplaces

Masonry and Fireplace Services OhioExpert craftsmanship makes your masonry project stand out.

– Fire Pits
– Fireplaces
– Steps
– Basements
– Brick and Stone Veneers
– Brick, Block and Stone Work
– Cultured and Natural Stone

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Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing Services OhioWater issues in your basement have serious consequences. Is it time for professional help?

– Guaranteed
– Free Inspection/Estimate
– Exterior System
– Repair Damaged Walls
– Replace Damaged Walls
– Landscape Restoration

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Drainage and Sewer Construction

Drainage and Sewer Services OhioReplacing a drainage or sewer line requires expertise.

– Install/Repair/Replace Sanitary Sewers
– Install/Repair/Replace Storm Sewers
– Test-Tees
– Install Catch Basins
– Repair Infiltration Problems
– Yard Drainage

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Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveway Services OhioReplace your old and damaged driveway with a new driveway and see the amazing difference in the beauty of your property.

– New Driveways
– Replacement Driveways
– Driveway Renovation
– Broom Finish
– Hand Finish
– Stamped and Colored Concrete

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Concrete Patios, Walkways and Steps

Concrete Walks and Steps Services OhioA new walkway or patio can provide you with amazing new appeal to your home.

– Patio
– Sidewalk
– Walkway
– Concrete Steps
– Standard Finishes
– Decorative Finishes

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