Concrete Patios and Walkways Ohio

7 Reasons To Get A New Concrete Patio, Walkway Or Steps

  • Create beautiful, usable space
  • Uneven, broken or worn concrete causes trip hazards risking slips and falls
  • Damaged concrete makes it difficult for children to play
  • Cracked concrete causes shoveling issues
  • Unsightly concrete decreases property value
  • Patching doesn’t hold
  • Your home deserves prestige

Concrete is a top choice for patios, walkways and steps because of its long life and reduced maintenance.

white spacerConcrete is also quite versatile. A simple finish can provide you with the benefits of its durability. Or choose a decorative option to give your patio or walkway a unique and distinguished appearance and durability.

However, you do have options so let’s look at some of those…

Cobblestones, bricks or pavers can be used. They are all more costly than concrete.

All of these options tend to pop or sink leading to a surface that is not level due to the climate in Northeast Ohio. During the snowy winter they can make it harder to shovel. The space between them becomes a great spot for weeds to grow in warmer weather.

Another option people consider to hide existing concrete is putting a stone overlay on top of the concrete. This material loosens easily and deteriorates quickly when installed over damaged concrete. An overlay also creates height differences that often aren’t taken into consideration before the product is applied. There will be a difference where the new surface meets existing surfaces – like garage floors and driveways. Other downsides are that the overlay material is porous (more likely to stain) and it’s susceptible to chemical damage.

You can quickly tell that concrete has many advantages over other options:

  • Durable
  • Moderately priced
  • Low Maintenance
  • Solid surface
  • Decorative options

Replacing Existing Concrete Patio, Walkway Or Steps

When replacing your existing patio, walkway or steps, planning comes first. You may want, or have to, place the patio, walkway or steps in the same location. Or you may have the option of placing them in a new and better location. When the new patio or walkway is installed it may be a good time to resolve some grading.

For your new project you can choose between several standard finishes or decide to add visual appeal by having the concrete stamped and/or colored.

If you already know exactly what you want – great! If not, ALBA Contractors Inc.’s courteous staff can provide you with professional guidance with the planning stage.

The first step in replacing your existing patio, walkway or steps is demolition of the existing materials. ALBA employs a skilled demolition crew who will remove your old patio, walkway or steps quickly and with the least amount of disturbance. All debris will be removed and disposed of properly.

The quality of your new concrete is directly related to the use of high quality materials and the skill of the crew. ALBA doesn’t cut corners and you’ll see details of that in a moment where quality is explained. The installation of your new project will be done by skilled trade people with the ability and experience to properly perform each step of the process. Each step impacts the final quality and durability of your new concrete patio, walkway or steps.

Installing A New Concrete Patio, Walkway Or Steps

If your project is to install a new patio, walkway or steps then you have many options available to you. Design and planning is an important part of this process and ALBA’s trained and courteous professionals are available to help you.

Your new patio, walkway or steps could have a standard finish like a broom finish or hand finish. Or you may choose add a decorative finish like stamped and/or colored concrete to enhance the look. With these you can have the decorative appearance, feel, and color of brick, tile, slate, or stone.

The quality and durability of your new patio, walkway or steps is a direct outcome of the use of high quality materials and the skill of the installation crew. In a moment you’ll see details of how ALBA doesn’t cut corners where quality is explained.

Make Your New Patio, Walkway Or Steps A Design Element

Concrete’s wide variety of texture, color and decorative patterns can take your patio or walkway from functional to landscape design element. Your new patio and walkway can add an inviting or exclusive image to your home.

Concrete’s finishing elements provide you numerous choices that can compliment a variety of home exteriors. Your new patio or walkway can have color, pattern and texture that transforms it into a design element.

Your new patio, walkway or steps can make a dramatic difference in the functionality and appearance of your home. Let us show you how!

A Truly Complete Project

No one else takes care of you like we do. After the work is complete ALBA will power wash to make sure everything is cleaned up. Whether there’s dirt on your street, house or even your car, we’ll make sure your place is clean.

One of the biggest aggravations for homeowners after getting a new patio or walkway is that installers leave a gap between the new concrete and the lawn. In order to install the forms for the new concrete, the adjacent area must be cut back about 4”. This area is usually your lawn. You will not have to deal with the hassle of filling this in or getting someone else to do it – when you choose ALBA we’ll take care of this restoration for you, leaving you with a truly completed project!

What Does Quality Mean?

There are a lot of factors that affect the quality of your concrete. These factors affect not only how your new patio, walkway or steps look when completed but also their lifetime and durability.

Unfortunately these factors also provide a way for other contractors to cut corners. That’s why we think you should know a few things…

The right concrete mix is critical to the outcome of your project. The concrete mix used by ALBA is a special mix developed from our 20 years of experience to be the best for use in the climate of the Cleveland area. It’s important to know too that we will not water down the concrete mix to make it cheaper or easier to install.

The proper depth of concrete required for your project will be used.

Overworking concrete once it’s poured will reduce its strength. Quickly and properly working concrete requires not only skill and training but also the proper tools. ALBA’s installers are skilled and trained and they have the right tools to prevent overworking of the concrete.

Make sure you’re getting quality when choosing the contractor for your concrete driveway.

Choosing The Concrete Patio, Walkway Or Step Installer For Your Home

There are some things that we at ALBA Contractors, Inc. do differently or better than others. Knowing these can help you make a better decision:

No Substitutes – We will never substitute a lower grade, quality or size material for the right materials on your project. Only the right and quoted materials will be used for your project.

white spacer

Professional – Everyone you will interact with at ALBA is trained to be professional and courteous. All crew members are well trained and participate in continuing education.

white spacer

Technologically Advanced – You will receive a professional quote for your project. Technology is used to make your project easier for you including our ability to communicate with both you and our personnel.

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A Job Done Right – Your new patio, walkway or steps will look and perform great not only today but far into the future. This is because ALBA’s skilled crew will properly perform each step of the process.

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Well-Maintained Fleet – Our trucks and equipment taken care of properly. This reduces breakdowns that can cause project delays. It also makes it possible to keep cleanup at your home to a minimum.

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No Subs – No subcontractors will be used for your project. All work is performed by our employees.

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Reputation – ALBA has been in business for over 20 years and has a long standing reputation of being reliable and dependable. This is evidenced by our extensive list of highly satisfied customers.

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Support –You will not have any issues reaching us before, during or even after your project is done. We stand behind our work.

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Clean-Up – Work with the best contractor in town at cleaning up the project. We care about your property.

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No More Ruts – We’ll even fix up your lawn for you if our equipment has caused any ruts in your yard. No charge to you, it’s included for Free.

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Lawn Restoration –It is necessary to cut back about 4” into your lawn in order to install concrete forms. ALBA is the Only contractor who will restore your lawn so you won’t have to do it or hire someone else to do the work. And it’s done for Free!

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from having your project done by a well run organization that stands behind their work.

Call ALBA today at 440-974-9085

  • Beautify your home
  • Give your home prestige
  • Eliminate trip hazards
  • Expand or make safer your children’s play area
  • Create new entertainment areas
  • Increase accessibility
  • Reduce fall hazards for everyone, especially seniors
  • Don’t waste time or money on shoddy repairs

Now is the time to beautify your home with a new patio, walkway or steps.

Free estimates are just a click or phone call away so contact us today.


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